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REVIEW | Hopeless by Colleen Hoover


AUTHOR: Colleen Hoover

SERIES: Hopeless #1 | OTHER BOOKS IN THE SERIES: Losing Hope #2 Finding Cinderella #2.5

RATING: 3.50/5.00 | GOODREADS RATING: 4.40/5.00


WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Sometimes discovering the truth can leave you more hopeless than believing the lies…

That’s what seventeen-year-old Sky realizes after she meets Dean Holder. A guy with a reputation that rivals her own and an uncanny ability to invoke feelings in her she’s never had before. He terrifies her and captivates her all in the span of just one encounter, and something about the way he makes her feel sparks buried memories from a past that she wishes could just stay buried.

Sky struggles to keep him at a distance knowing he’s nothing but trouble, but Holder insists on learning everything about her. After finally caving to his unwavering pursuit, Sky soon finds that Holder isn’t at all who he’s been claiming to be. When the secrets he’s been keeping are finally revealed, every single facet of Sky’s life will change forever.

INITIAL THOUGHTS: So I’ve been reading a lot of fantasy lately – heavier things that I needed to take a little break from. I thought Hopeless would be a light, quick, contemporary romance for me (which was NOT the case at all. Read on…); especially since I have been thinking about making my way into the New Adult arena, plus – anyone who’s everyone knows that CoHo is blowing up the bookish interwebs.

WHAT I THOUGHT: Holy Lord of all that is holy. This was NOT just any old fluffy contemporary romance by any means. I must say it was more than I bargained for. This book took a really dark turn, and dealt with some pretty hardcore issues. ***Trigger Warning: this book takes on the topics of sexual abuse/rape. While it doesn’t go too far into detail, I thought it was worth a mention just in case you cannot read any books dealing with this topic.***

Hopeless follows seventeen-year-old Sky Davis. Sky lives with her anti-technology/electronics, strict adoptive mother, Karen. She doesn’t have a TV, computer, cell phone, etc. luckily her BFF Six – yes, I totally had issues with picturing Six from the TV show, Blossom here… And yes, that just showed my age haha – lives right next door, and the two have movie nights often. Sky is also home schooled but is able to convince Karen to allow her to attend public school for her senior year. Of course this would be the time for Six to announce that she will be studying abroad in Italy for six months and so Sky will be on her own.

Unfortunately, Six has a reputation for being promiscuous and therefore people think the same of Sky, which makes for some uncomfy moments on her first day of school – including post its on her locker with nasty names. But of course Sky takes this all in stride because she’s just that kick ass awesome!

Overall, I enjoyed this book. I did not expect it to take the dark turns that it did, but that’s okay. It’s not necessarily a bad thing when you think a book is going to be light and fluffy and then it totally blows you out of the water with a darkness and depth that you didn’t know existed.


  • How contradictory Sky was with relationships. She would describe Karen as this strict, overbearing parent who allows no electronics, and they eat vegan (Even though Sky doesn’t when she isn’t at home.) yet she loves Karen a lot, and is almost defending her at times. It just seemed a little weird to me.
  • How contradictory Sky is with her feelings for Holder. At first she is creeped out by him; and even when they start hanging out she will still make comments about his creepiness and how uneasy she feels around him. Then we are suddenly seeing her gushing over how attracted to him she is, and cannot stop thinking about him. This resolves, in my opinion, but it was weird at first. Holder is just a very Intense and Passionate person.
  • We never got closure – or an ending – with Breckin, or Six. Those are two story lines I can think of off the top of my head; but there were things left unresolved at the end of the book and that annoys me the most – and is the reason I decided to bump the rating down from a 4 Star to a 3.5 Star review. If there will be  sequel I can overlook this! I see there is a 2nd book, but I don’t know if it’s just Hopeless told from Holder’s POV or if it’s truly a continuation of this story.
  • Holder keeping secrets from Sky about herself. If he truly loved her I feel he would’ve done more to get them out in the open. I feel as though if they were true ‘soulmates’ she would’ve felt the same way he did; even if she didn’t remember things.


  • I thought I had the book figured out early on. Ha ha, joke was on me! I didn’t have it figured out in the least, Not even a little bit.
  • The intensity and passion of Holder – ONCE secrets are out, and we can like him without him coming off as creepy.
  • How completely different this book was than I thought or expected it to be. When an author can wow me like that, it’s a really good thing!
  • Sky is a pretty incredible chick! She went through A LOT and still came out on top. She is an admirable character.

WOULD I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK? Yes. If you are looking to break into the New Adult genre, or just looking for a good book with heavier topics, then this would be a good one for you. It definitely is an 18+ book, and again deals with sexual abuse.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This was a twisting, winding tale through a teenager’s eyes as she finds herself and comes to terms with a past that she couldn’t remember. A good read for anyone who likes a darker, heavier themed contemporary romance with first love and finding ones self intermingled.

Happy Reading,


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