Ratings & Review Policy

Hey, thanks for checking out my Review Policy.

If you are an author or publisher and are looking to have me review your book or to send me a physical copy; please send an email to: LauraZReads (at) Gmail (dot) com with the subject: REVIEW REQUEST.

I do not guarantee that I will respond to all emails, or that I will agree to read and/or review any books that are sent to me, but will attempt to reply in a timely manner.

I accept physical paperback or hardcover copies (No manuscripts, WIPs, etc.) and I accept Kindle Ebooks.

These are currently the genres that I will read/review:

  • Young Adult
  1. Dystopian
  2. Science-Fiction
  3. Paranormal & Urban Fantasy: Vampires, Angels/Demons, Time Travel, Witches/Wizards/Warlocks, Merfolk, Fairies, Shifters/Werewolves, etc.
  4. Contemporary/Romance
  5. Historical Fiction & Historical Romance
  6. Fantasy/High Fantasy
  • Adult (See above genres) [Accepted sparingly as my blog is mainly a YA Blog]
  • Children’s books. (I have a 1 year old daughter that loves to read!)

I will NOT review the following:

  • Christian Fiction, Non-Fiction, Autobiographies & Biographies, Poetry, Prose, Verse, Publications like newspapers or magazines, Preferably no Mystery, Suspense, Crime Dramas.

I currently post my reviews on my blog as well as Goodreads, Amazon, and Instagram. Other social media outlets will be utilized at my discretion upon request.

I utilize Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads, Shelfari, Tumblr, Instagram, and LibraryThing as social media outlets.

I will not accept any type of compensation for my honest reviews. I am open to doing sponsored posts or videos on my YouTube Channel. Please email me to discuss this.

I do post ‘Did Not Finish’ reviews however they will remain respectful to both the author and the publisher if this occurs.

I will attempt to review all books that I receive for review; however I cannot promise that every book will be read and reviewed.

I prefer to have books in advance of their release date with enough time to read it, write a review, and post it prior to or on the release date.

I will accept ARCs and finished copies for Giveaways as well.

All questions can be forwarded to: LauraZReads(at)Gmail(dot)com

I am open to do guest posts and author interviews as well! Please email me to set up!


I rate my books on a “Star” system:

0 Stars: DNF

1 Star: I really did not like it and would not recommend it.

2 Stars: I did not like it but I can see others liking it if it’s in their comfort zone.

3 Stars: I liked it and would recommend it.

4 Stars: I really liked it and will recommend to anyone who likes this genre.

5: I Loved it and will recommend it to anyone, regardless of what they typically read.

I rate my books on plot, setting, writing, pacing, characters, world-building mainly.

All books that I review, unless noted, are purchased by myself and are not sponsored reviews or posts.

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