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My Five {6}

Five Reasons Why I Love Paranormal

1. It’s not the everyday norm.
     How awesome is it to leave the everyday hustle-and-bustle and redundancy to a place where things we only wish – or in some cases, are glad they don’t – happen! It’s a nice escape from work, school, and the other day-to-day goings on.

2. Superpowers. Nuff said.
     Seriously, who wouldn’t want superpowers? Whether it’s speed, strength, psychic powers, or teleportation, any character who can do amazing things that we can’t… is cool!

3. Freedom to build the world you want.
     The paranormal genre leaves so much room to create and world-build based on the story you want to tell. From Urban Fantasies set in our current, modern world to Fantasy Paranormal and Dystopian Paranormal, it gives the writer – and the reader – the ability to create what they want!

4. Kick-ass heroines.
     So many stories start out with this plain-Jane girl who learns some secret, whether about her world or her own life, and bam! Everything is thrown for a loop, and then destiny is realized. We get to see our girl grow, and change and become the heroine we want… and need!!

5. Mysterious, secretive, sexy love interests.
     Oh the many ways to fall in love with the guys – vampire, werewolf, etc – that we meet in the pages of paranormal books! It gives us a taste of the guys we don’t meet everyday!

What are the 5 reasons you love your favorite genre?

Happy Reading,

My 5 {5}

The Top 5 TV Shows I Can’t Get Enough Of

Sometimes I actually put down whatever book I’m currently reading, and watch some TV. Yes, it’s hard to believe that I do sometimes do other things than read!! But it’s true. So here are the top 5 shows that I watch regularly right now.

1. Whale Wars. I’m obsessed and super thankful that Netflix has this on Instant… just sad I’m almost done with the streaming episodes. They need to get season 4 up ASAP!

2. Gossip Girl. Yes, I’ve already watched all the seasons (except the newest one, or last season I guess) but it’s one of those shows that doesn’t get old and has uber re-watchability potential!

3. X-Files. Another Netflix Instant show; Boyfriend and I have been working our way through the entire series starting from Season 1 Episode 1.

4. The Tudors. Ok, so (a huge) part of me just finds Jonathan Rhys Meyers completely freaking delicious, but the show is pretty kick-ass!! I love, love, love anything and everything Tudor England so this is a must for me!

5. Star Trek: The Next Generation. Yep, here we are, Nerd Girl Central! But really, the show’s addicting!

What are the shows you just can’t get enough of this summer?

Happy Reading!

My 5 {4}

Topic: Hobbies I Would Totally Love to Take Up
So we all get a little comfy in our regularly-scheduled world and rarely change the channel to something new and exciting. But if we could, regardless of cost, time, and effort, there are always a few things we can think of that we would love to do!
Here are the five things I’d totally love to start doing!
1. Candle Making. How cool would that be? I’d love to make my own and use real essential oils for scent; make some nice stress-relieving ones, calming and relaxing. 
2. Soap Making. Are you starting to see a trend here? I’m a total DIY-kind of gal, and making my own soap has been on my To-Do list for awhile now.
3. Sewing. I blame Pinterest for my interest (ha!) in this craft. I would make my own clothes, cute things for around the house… and purses! Oh my, I could make my own purses!
4. Quilling. The art of curling paper into fun shapes! Boyfriend’s mom does this to wedding invitations for wedding gifts and holy crow, it’s so pretty with curly colors and pretty flowers!
5. Painting. I’d love to learn how to paint. I can draw, doodle, charcoal, etc. But when it comes to painting it’s a no go. I’d love to make it a go!
So what five things would you love to learn and start doing? Let me know!

Happy Reading!

My 5 {3}

Topic: Favorite Snacks to Accompany Me While Reading

Nice topic, huh? Hee hee! Well it’s true, a lot of times I enjoy a snack while I read … especially if it’s an amazing book that is occupying hours of my time in one long block!

So here are my favorite snacks while reading:

  1.  Graham Crackers with Nutella
  2. Pretzel Logs (There’s one specific local brand that I love but can’t remember their name. Boo.)
  3.  Fruit (Usually strawberries, pineapple, apples, raspberries, and sometimes bananas)
  4.  Vanilla Bean Premium Ice Cream with Rainbow Sprinkles
  5.  Air-Popped Popcorn with Cinnamon and Sugar

So what are your favorite reading snacks? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Reading,

My 5 {2}

Topic: The Five Things I’d be Doing if I Didn’t Spend My Free Time Blogging

It’s hard to even imagine a life without blogging now, considering it’s been a part of my life for over a year now. But once-upon-a-time before books completely ruled my life, I did have other hobbies that took up more time in my life (and that are probably mad at me for abandoning them. Sigh.) So what occupied my time before blogging?
     1. Art. I was a full-fledged, full-time art student with a love for Art History and an affinity for drawing Anime.
     2. Tarot Cards. I have about, hmmm, five decks (2 with Fairies!) and I used to pull those bad boys out anytime life got me down… nowadays they just sit pretty waiting for me in their little hand-painted boxes.
     3. Writing. Yep, I’m one of those bloggers; the ones who aspire to someday follow in the footsteps of their favorite authors. I’ll get there. Someday.
     4. Animal Crossing. I fell in love with this too-adorable-for-words video game back when it first came out on the Nintendo Gamecube. I then followed it to the Nintendo DS and now the Wii; but my town is sadly overrun with weeds now, my flowers all dead and gone, and all of my favorite townsanimals have probably abandoned ship.
   5. Making Bookmarks. Really, who needs to spend upwards of $4.00 for those fancy shmancy bookstore varieties when some scrapbook paper, stickers, glue, and card stock can do the job just as well, if not better because you get to personalize them! And if you really need one with Edward Cullen on it – go to your printer, print out your favorite pic, and slap it on some animal-themed paper! Loop a ribbon through a hole-punch at the top and Voila! Instant-page marker!
So what did you do before blogging ruled your world? Let me know!
Happy Reading!


My 5 {1}

Welcome to My 5! My 5 is a topic and then five choices pertaining to that topic. Feel free to comment below and play along!

Characters Who’s Names I like so much that I’d Choose Them for My Own Children

1. AislinnWicked Lovely – Melissa Marr
2. ClaraUnearthly – Cynthia Hand
3. AriaUnder the Never Sky – Veronica Rossi
4. EverEvermore – Alyson Noel
5. HavenEvermore – Alyson Noel

1. MasonVampire Academy – Richelle Mead
2. AshThe Iron King – Julie Kagawa
3. Chase Raised by Wolves – Jennifer Lynn Barnes
4. LucasStarcrossed – Josephine Angelini
5. LoganDefiance – C.J. Redwine

Happy Reading!