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Save the Date {16} Hidden by Marianne Curley

TITLE: Hidden
SERIES: Avena #1
AUTHOR: Marianne Curley
RELEASE DATE: June 25th 2013 by Bloomsbury USA Childrens
CATEGORIES: Young Adult, Paranormal, Angels, Fantasy, Romance, Urban Fantasy, Supernatural, June 2013 Release, Hidden, Avena Series, Marianne Curley
WHAT IT’S ABOUT: For as long as Ebony can remember, she’s been sheltered. Confined to her home in a secluded valley, home-schooled by her protective parents, and limited to a small circle of close friends. It’s as if she’s being hidden. But something is changing in Ebony. Something that can’t be concealed. She’s growing more beautiful by the day, she’s freakishly strong, and then there’s the fact that she’s glowing

On one fateful night, Ebony meets Jordan and she’s intensely drawn to him. It’s as if something explodes inside of her–something that can be seen from the heavens. Ebony still doesn’t know that she’s a stolen angel, but now that the heavens have found her, they want her back.

WHY YOU SHOULD SAVE THE DATE: This one looks so good, and Curley is no newbie to the YA World. Her newest book promises to deliver tons of awesomeness as the reviews pour in on Goodreads – it’s already got a 3.44 out of 5.00 rating! I adore books having to do with angels, so this one is just a given for me; plus that cover is so pretty!
What do you think? Will you give Hidden a try? Let me know why or why not in the comments 🙂
Happy Reading!

Cover Reveal {21} After Daybreak by J.A. London

After Daybreak
By: J.A. London
Series: Darkness Before Dawn #3  | Other Books in the Series: Darkness Before Dawn,  Blood Kissed Sky
Expected Publication: June 25th 2013 by HarperTeen
Edition: Paperback
Categories: Young Adult, Paranormal, Vampires, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance
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What the Back of the Book Says: Combining breathless romance, dark family secrets, and cinematic action, After Daybreak will keep readers turning pages late into the night. The Darkness Before Dawn series is a unique blend of paranormal and dystopian fiction that is perfect for fans of Christopher Pike’s Thirst novels and the House of Night series. 

Dawn returns from L.A. with terrifying news: In his greed for power, the maniacal Day Walker Sin is raising an army and infecting his followers with the Thirst—a rabieslike disease that will turn them into mindless killers. To stop him, Dawn and Victor will have to convince humans and vampires to work together before it’s too late

My Thoughts: I have the first book, Darkness Before Dawn, but I haven’t yet read it. Both books #2 and #3 are on my TBR List, though, and once it gets closer to After Daybreak releasing, I’ll probably pick up both of them and read all three in a row.
I like the cover, it fits in with the first two without a doubt. I’ve always liked the font that is used for the title, the placement is always decent, and I love how they play with a simple palette of colors. 
What do you think?
Happy Reading, 

Cover Reveal {20} The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen

The Moon and More
By: Sarah Dessen
Expected Publication: June 4th 2013 by Viking Juvenile
Edition: Hardcover, 384 pages
Categories: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance
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What the Back of the Book Says: Set in the fictional beach town of Colby, where several of Dessen’s novels take place, it features 18-year-old Emmeline, who is spending her last summer before college working for her family’s vacation rental business and enjoying a summer romance with a young aspiring filmmaker.
My Thoughts: I adore Sarah Dessen. Her stories are always the perfect balance of fun, not so fun, and romance! This cover is in the style of all Dessen novels, and most just got a revamp so this one fits right in. Dessen has her own style that I think people could pick out one of her books even if her name wasn’t on it, like her own brand. I’ll definitely pick this one up, because it looks like it’ll be the perfect summer 2013 read.
What are your thoughts? Like the cover? Will you read it – yay or nay?
Happy Reading!