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Hey Bookworms! This is a new weekly meme that I’ve created to combine my love of books with my love of art. These posts will focus on cover art only.
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THIS WEEK’S THEME: Oh la-la-lavender Covers

NIGHTSHADE (Nightshade #1) by Andrea Cremer
I actually purchased this book for two reasons; the first being the cover, the second being uh, hello, werewolves! This cover is so gorgeous, and even more so in person because it has this shimmery iridescence to it. I absolutely adore everything about it – especially the makeup and the model’s eye color. I think the placement of the title with the author’s name and the little blurb are placed perfectly, and I love the calla lilies on the cover (I do know the main character’s name is Calla so that’s cool!) and the blood on them makes me want to read it to find out why! And I also would love to try that shade of lipstick out, for sure! Even her eyebrows have been made purple. Did I mention that I love the color purple? Absolutely LOVE this cover! Final score: 5.00/5.00

THE IRON DAUGHTER (The Iron Fey #2) by Julie Kagawa
I have only read book one in this series (why?! Why have I not finished the series with how amazing the first one was?!) but I always loved the covers on all of the books. I love how this one appears almost “frosty” looking. I love the butterfly that adorns each cover where it says, “The Iron Fey” with the little blurb above. I love all of the scroll work on the cover, and the profile of the model gives it a different vibe than a front-facing photo.

I also like the different shades of purple used, as well as the fading of the darker blue and icy blue colors that work wonderfully with the other colors used. The hint of tree branches in the top right corner is unique too. Final Score: 4.00/5.00

BORN AT MIDNIGHT (Shadow Falls #1) by C.C. Hunter
I have the ebook of this one, but haven’t yet read it. I originally saw this one at my library, and really liked the cover. My two favorite colors are pink and purple, so both are on this cover – of course I like it! Plus, I love trees and the V-shaped one is no exception… plus it’s creepy with the mist all around, and a bad-ass looking chick in the middle!

The font used for the title is nice, simple but with it’s own personal flair. I think the placement of the title, series name, and author’s name work well too, and I like the “Typewriter” font used too. Over all, I really like the colors on this one, and the creepiness. It really makes me want to read it! Final Score: 4.00/5.00

Sorry this is a short week… I will probably do this topic again because there are so many more beautiful lavender covers out there!

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Hey Bookworms! This is a new weekly meme that I’ve created to combine my love of books with my love of art. These posts will focus on cover art only. Enjoy!
NOTE: Last week a follower commented on whether there was a way to participate in this meme. If you are a blogger and you are interested in posting I Love Your Cover posts on your blog, please comment below or email me. I’d be happy to set up a linky to link your posts up, as well as come up with a list of topics for the future.  If you are a follower and want to suggest covers or topics, comment or email me! I’ll make sure you get credit in the post.

THIS WEEK’S THEME: Contemporary Covers

Pushing the Limits [Pushing the Limits #1] by Katie McGarry
Okay, this one I have definitely read, and gave it a coveted 5-Star Rating (which means yes, if you haven’t read it yet… you need to go do that. Like, now.) This is one intense book, and I love the fact that I get that same vibe from the cover. It’s not too lovey-dovey, and it doesn’t suffer from ‘Let’s rip each other’s clothes off and practically do the dirty on the cover’ like I see a lot of the New Adult book covers showing. This one keeps it clean, but still lets you know something cray-cray is going down between these two lovebirds! 
Like I’ve been mentioning in a few past I Love Your Cover’s, I really dig it when covers use a limited palette of just a few colors. With Contemporaries you don’t really need insane, crazy colors or an air of mystery like with paranormals or fantasies. Contemporaries can be anything they like – whimsical, plain, over-the-top… there’s a freedom that I think isn’t available to every genre out there. This one takes the plain, simple approach which is so misleading with what is between those covers! I don’t think it’s a great cover, but it’s not horrible by any means. FINAL SCORE: 2.50/5.00

Anna and the French Kiss [Anna and the French Kiss #1] by Stephanie Perkins

And yet another one that I’ve actually read… considering Contemporary is my least-read genre. I actually picked this one up because of the cover. I adore books set in Paris, or really in France in general. I don’t know why, but I do. And what I like about contemporaries set in other countries, is that it’s a refreshing change from what we know as everyday life. 
So the first thing that pulled me in, is the Eiffel Tower. I love that it’s center of the cover, but blurred just enough to bring your eye too it, but not keep it there too long. As soon as I see that, my eye then goes to “Anna” and then to her hand and the “Mystery Boy’s” hand. 
I really like the placement of the title, and adore the font that was used! The green matching the grass ties the two together, and then the author’s name at the bottom in white works wonderfully! This cover is also more simple, and not overly crowded and there aren’t too many things that our eye wants to try and take in. By keeping it simple, we are able to get a quick idea of what the book will be about, and I think that is great. FINAL SCORE: 5.00/5.00

Perfect Chemistry [Perfect Chemistry #1] by Simone Elkeles
Finally, one I haven’t read! This series has high ratings on Goodreads and I’ve been meaning to read them… but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Another contemporary taking the plain, simple route with cover design. 
This one is nice, in that it really makes us focus on the couple on the cover. There is an incredibly intense connection between these two (I assume Brittany & Alex from what the summary on GR says!) and it kind of makes me want to go get the book from the library immediately! 
I love how the only colors used in the background are black, some gray, and then the “blurred” title in white, and the author’s name in red tie in with the simple black and white shirts of the models. Keeping it all the same colors really makes it uniformed and balanced, and lets up keep guessing on the relationship and lives of the couple. FINAL SCORE: 3.00/5.00

The Vincent Boys [The Vincent Boys #1] by Abbi Glines
There are two covers out there for this one, and I am going to review them both. I own a copy of this book (but have not yet read it), and the one I own is the first one that I’ll talk about.
This cover is the paperback release cover, which came out in October of 2012. It is definitely different than it’s hardcover companion, but I don’t know if I’d necessarily say it’s better or worse. In my opinion, the models seem a bit too old for the characters in the book that they are supposed to be representing. I would go more with New Adult than Young Adult for this one, based on the cover alone and not what it is actually about. I get a very “physical” vibe from the cover, and would assume that it’s got more sexual content than a YA book would. 
Again, this cover follows the previous ones with a subdued cover; black and white for the background, and a pop of pink for the title, and green for the author’s name on a white background front and center. Overall, it’s not an awful cover, but I feel like it could have more to it. Even though I did buy it, more from seeing it around on blogs, I don’t think the cover alone would pull me in and purchase it. FINAL SCORE: 2.50/5.00
The hardcover version has more color than it’s paperback partner, but I don’t think this one is necessarily all that great either.  While this one uses more color, which definitely draws my eye to it more than the black and white of the paperback, where the paperback seems more New Adult, this one definitely carries a more YA vibe. I love the bold green color of the title, while it uses a simple font offset by the more script-y author’s name in pink at the bottom. I don’t like how big the title is, and how small the author’s name is. It doesn’t feel balanced to me, and I’d have stretched the author’s name so that it lined up more with the edges of the title. 
The heart-shaped sucker gives off a few different vibes – youth, and maybe because I read and loved Beautiful Creatures, I get a “Bad ass” vibe from it, like with Ridley. So I get a vibe of a girl who is one person, but wants to change into another person. The way the top is white and blurred around where the model’s head is, and the title is, I feel like that is almost “erasing” who she is, so she can become who she wants to be. FINAL SCORE: 2.50/5.00

*2012 Goodreads choice winner*
I need to read this one. No, let me change that statement. I need to read John Green. Everyone seems to absolutely love every one of his books, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard or read anything negative about them at all! I actually, really like this cover. The “chalkboard” font effect is really cool, and I love the shade of blue behind the black and white clouds; and the alternating font color [i.e.: black cloud white font; white cloud black font] is cool. It’s also great that for once the title and author’s names are the same size, and take up the whole center of the cover. I like that! 
I also love how they added the little blurb from Jodi Picoult at the top, balanced out by the quip at the bottom about ‘NY Times…’. 
From looking at the cover, and knowing just a tiny bit of what it’s about, I get a vibe that it will be a sad but happy book. I associate the black cloud with the harder, more emotional content and the white cloud with the happy, lighter notes. I know that I’ve definitely picked this one up just because of the cover alone, but never actually purchased it. For me, cancer is a very touchy subject, having lost my brother, and an aunt that I was very close to, as well as my grandfather to the disease. At this point, the only book that deals with cancer that I actually did read is The Probability of Miracles. I need to not base my book selections on personal issues, because I think if I didn’t read this one, I would really be missing out on an incredible book – especially having gotten such killer reviews and having won the Goodreads Choice award! FINAL SCORE: 4.00/5.00

My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick
Wow, another one that I’ve actually read! 2012 was the year of Contemps for me, I guess! I absolutely adored this book too – and the cover is just one of the amazing reasons why this book rocked my world! 
The couple on this cover are cute, not very intense, not incredibly all over each other – and actually, I feel a little awkwardness from them – which makes sense if you’ve read this one!
I love the fence, which represents the separation of Jase and Samantha’s yards, and lives as well. But that they are together on one side of it – represents their willingness and ability to do anything to be together! 
The flowers at the top add a nice vibe to the cover, and the “sun glare” effect is nice too. I like the yellow of the dress matching the the simple, yellow font of the title that your eye is pulled towards. I like that the author’s name seems to be almost a balancing platform for the title, and that it works wonderfully with the rest of the cover. 
All of the colors used have similar shades and undertones (like the ‘Jase’ model’s shirt matching the author’s name color) so that they all work well together, and nothing seems to stick out in a bad way. FINAL SCORE: 4.50/5.00

Happy Reading!


Hey Bookworms! This is a new weekly meme that I’ve created to combine my love of books with my love of art. These posts will focus on cover art only. Enjoy!
THIS WEEK’S THEME: Urban Fantasy Covers
Halfway to the Grave [Night Huntress #1] by Jeaniene Frost
I actually have no idea what this series is about, but I’m pretty darn curious after really looking at this cover and all it has going on. First off, the sword in her hand that is glowing? Uh, yeah, you go Ms. Badass! Not to mention the thigh-high boots and the black dress? Yeah, this girl doesn’t take crap from anyone! 
I love the spookiness created by the moonlight and the trees in the background. Keeping this one very monochromatic in blacks, whites, and grays works great, especially with letting the models shock of red hair bring the only color in (besides the little sword glow). 
There is a lot of writing going on on this cover, which I think makes it a little too cluttered. I like the green color pulled in by the title and quip from USA Today, and I really like the font used for the title and author’s name. I think it just has a little too much going on, but keeps a decent balance. I would’ve skipped the USA Today quote, and just stuck with the quip on the left side of the model. Overall, I think this is a great paranormal book cover. SCORE: 4.25/5.00
Magic Bites [Kate Daniels #1] by Ilona Andrews
I’ve seen this series at the bookstore and it’s one that always interested me, but I don’t know if it’s necessarily the cover that draws me in, or just the fact that it has ‘magic’ in the title! 
So there’s a lion on the cover, which is awesome! I adore lions, maybe because I’m a Leo, who knows, but there’s a freaking lion! On the cover! Oh yeah, and a pretty intense looking chick with a crazy sword! I really love the glowing emerald sky/skyline in the background…it really makes me wonder what this one is about. 
I don’t necessarily care for this cover, though. It seems photoshopped, and like a lot of time wasn’t spent on it. I don’t think the colors used blend well together, and I don’t like where the title, author, and blurb are put; and all in different colors. It just seems like one I wouldn’t pick up just for the cover alone. SCORE: 2.00/5.00
The Lightning Thief [Percy Jackson and the Olympians #1] by Rick Riordan
Less is more. That is exactly what this cover portrays. It is very simple and basic, yet relays what the book is about while keeping a very monochromatic palette and keeping it very minimally cluttered with the title, author name, and the series name/book number.
I really like this cover. I think it’s self explanatory, and what you see is what you get with this one. The colors all work wonderfully, I like the shade of yellow used for the title, and the simple, white font for the author’s name. I really enjoy how the series name and book one are written on the side too. There isn’t too much going on that your eye is being pulled in all different directions, but there is enough to get the gist of what it’s about. SCORE: 4.00/5.00

FALLEN [Fallen #1] by Lauren Kate

I have always adored the cover for this book, and I won’t lie, it’s why I bought it! It’s so beautiful and gothic and melancholy. I adore everything about this cover: the colors, the dress! Oh, that dress! The font used for the title is great, and the spooky, creepy birds flying in the background add an air of eeriness. There is nothing that I don’t like about it, really! SCORE: 5.00/5.00

Shiver [The Wolves of Mercy Falls #1] by Maggie Stiefvater

This one drew me in immediately. I really like the cover, and my favorite part is the wolf. This is another cover that is so simple yet I find it more appealing that one that is full of color and has a lot going on. Keeping the range of colors to a minimum and only having the title (which I love how it’s right in the center of the cover) and authors name in the branches is great. SCORE: 5.00/5.00
Hush, Hush [Hush, Hush #1] by Becca Fitzpatrick
Another awesome cover! I love covers that are just black, white, and gray and how can you walk past a book with an angel like that taking up the cover?! I love the feathers everywhere and how it looks like he is “Falling” and the way it’s a smidge lighter all around him. And the font used for the title is awesome. The tiny hints of red work great too, and tie in with the red of the author’s name. SCORE: 5.00/5.00
Happy Reading!


Hey Bookworms! This is a new meme that I’ve created, to combine my love of books with my love of art. These posts will focus on cover art only, and unless stated, I haven’t read them yet. Enjoy 🙂

THIS WEEKS THEME: Yellow & Orange Covers

[Harry Potter #7] by J.K. Rowling

Ah, one of my favorite and most beloved book series ever! YES, I have most definitely read this one! What I love about the covers of the books in this series, is their simplicity. Which is so misleading, considering the content within those pages.

For me, this one was probably the one that isn’t amazing. It’s just OK. I do love the way all of the colors have the same undertones so they blend well together, and nothing sticks out oddly. There’s not too much to talk about on this one – It’s got the same Harry Potter font as all other books, movies, etc. and the author’s name is in the same font as previous books too. I do like how they wrote, “and the Deathly Hallows” though, makes me think of the Death Eaters!

FINAL SCORE: 3.00/5.00

THE CHRONICLES of NARNIA [Books #1-7] by C.S. Lewis
I believe this is the edition that I have, all of the books in one giant volume, so this is not and does not include the original covers. I think I’m a little partial to this cover, considering I adore Aslan, and being a Leo, I do love me some lions… *roar*! 

This one has a lot going on within the flame/glowing mane of Aslan, and I think it’s very intricate and beautiful. The use of a simple font works great at the top of the cover, considering there is so much going on it wouldn’t work if there was a very fancy, over-the-top type font. 

FINAL SCORE: 4.50/5.00

CITY of FALLEN ANGELS [The Mortal Instruments #4] by Cassandra Clare

First off, I REALLY need to read this series. Second, I think they have some of the most visually striking covers out of any of the series out there. They all follow the same layout, image at the top, title, series, and author name at the bottom. I also like that they clearly mark which book in the series it is.This one is fiery, and bright, and usually I don’t like when a model’s face is cut off, but this one actually works because it adds an air of mystery to the male character. I don’t like where they cropped the female model’s head though, I think it’s kind of awkward and should’ve just included her entire head. 

There is a lot going on behind the title placement too, which is pretty cool! It’s showing a view of the city, and then a very wispy, flame like “sky” tops it off to blend up into the models with a bright gold background. I really love the colors they chose and how well they all play off each other.

FINAL SCORE: 4.50/5.00

DEMONGLASS [Hex Hall #2] by Rachel Hawkins

Another series I need to read (I do own book #1)… I always enjoyed the covers on the books in this series. I enjoy the way they play off each other as a “good/bad” scenario. 

It’s awesome that they not only reflect the model in the pool of “fire”, but they also mirrored the title and author’s name. I just love it! Everything is working so well together, and the shade of gray that was chosen blends well into the white “edge” of the fire pool, and that then blends well into the flames. 

I also like how the flames on the edges are a thicker, darker red-orange and the area around the model creates a yellow-gold “aura”. The white of her dress really pops too.

FINAL SCORE: 4.50/5.00

COEXIST [Keegan’s Chronicles #1] by Julia Crane

I actually just recently downloaded this one on my Kobo thanks to BookBub for alerting me to it! This isn’t the cover on the edition that I have, but I do like this one too, and it works for this post! 

Can we just talk about the vines growing up her legs?! I LOVE that! I think it really grounds the character and brings the magical world into the cover without giving anything away. The glowing aura behind her kind of reminds me of a doorway or gateway to a magical world, and the little butterflies around her make me think of fairies! 

It gives the idea of a magical place in the middle of the city (maybe like Central Park) where things happen that nobody ever considers or thinks exists. 

I really like the font used for the title, and the color but I don’t think it really fits with the cover’s colors. I might have gone for a more neutral, earthly shade of green with a golden backlight. I do like the series placement below it almost like the title is underlined, and the simple font for the author name at the bottom in white works well.

FINAL SCORE: 4.00/5.00

Happy Reading!

I Love Your Cover {3} Books That Glow!

Hey Bookworms, and welcome to a new meme here at The Little Pink Book Boutique. I went to college for fine arts, and consider art one of my passions in life. I decided to create a meme where I can mix my love of books with my love of art; and decided to focus on cover art. These books are ones that I have not read (Unless I say that I did…) and I am just discussing their cover art, not any of the content within the book.

THIS WEEKS THEME: Books that Glow

INCARNATE [Newsoul #1] by Jodi Meadows
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I bought this book just for the cover. Okay, no I didn’t. I bought it because the cover is amazingly gorgeous AND the blurb sounded super awesome! I did read this one, but the cover is more symbolic than really giving away what the book is about. 

I love the butterfly wings. They really stand out, and the way they seem to be a part of the models face is really cool! The model has a very innocent look to her, which works perfectly as that is how Ana is in the novel. 

The placement of the title and author’s name works well to balance out the cover; and I really like the font used for the title and the barely noticeable scroll work behind it. The simple font for the author’s name works great as well.

FINAL SCORE: 3.50/5.00

ACROSS the UNIVERSE [Across the Universe #1] by Beth Revis
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I love this version of the cover, before they redid them all. Funny thing is, it took me so long to realize that there were two faces on the cover! I just really liked the colors and the “Glow”.

I haven’t read this one yet, but I do own it. I really love the fact that the faces are just silhouettes, and then we have this gorgeous burst of stars behind them in all shades of pink and purple, red and orange, blue and yellow. So pretty! There are even a few planets you can just make out. And to have that bright yellow glow by their lips?! Ah! Love it! 

Everything about this cover is just perfect! There might be a little too much clutter at the bottom, though. Not only is there a small blurb about the book, and then title and author, but then a blurb at the bottom too. It’s a bit much, but not too distracting. The simplicity of the fonts definitely helps that. 

FINAL SCORE: 4.50/5.00

HALF-BLOOD [Covenant #1] by Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Yet another that I own but haven’t yet read… I’m automatically going to love this one because it’s purple, one of my favorite colors! I’m truly curious to see how this cover ties into the plot of the book, because after reading the back cover, I’m not completely sure!

I adore the flower and the glowy effect on it! It’s just so pretty! It works great how it just seems to “Smoke” out into the black background too. I like that a simple but flowy font was used, and the blurb from Leigh Fallon is placed well too. I really like that the flower is front and center and nothing really detracts from it. The font really works because I feel like it follows the curves of the flower petals.

FINAL SCORE: 4.00/5.00

HALO [Halo #1] by Alexandra Adornetto
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I loved the cover on this one the first time I found it on Goodreads. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s as beautiful in real life. BUT it’s still pretty cool. Again, I love that the “glow” is right between the silhouetted models as they, I assume, are going to kiss. The yellow background works great for the ‘angel’ theme, and I really like the decoration around the title, and how both the title and author name are inside of it.
I think it’s interesting that the author’s name gets the fancier font here, when we’ve been seeing the title have the bolder font. I think it works though.
One thing I don’t care for, is how the female model’s hair covers part of the wings. I wonder if it was placement to cover the wings attaching to her back, but it makes it disjointed to me. The wings aren’t very organic either, and appear very CGI.
Final Score: 3.00/5.00

CITY OF BONES [The Mortal Instruments #1] by Cassandra Clare
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This cover is very intriguing to me. It really makes me want to read it, because it really doesn’t tell you much about what it’s about but makes you want to know! Plus it has a pretty nice chest on the cover, with an author blurb smack in the middle! Since the model has a ‘glow’ coming from him with all types of symbols on his skin, it instills a need within me to find out why. I love the skyline of the city below and how it is dark in contrast to the bright top, and I like how all the placement of the title, author name, and series is with ‘book one’ in the red circle. I love this cover!
Final Score: 4.50/5.00

Happy Reading!

I Love Your Cover {2}

Hey Bookworms, and welcome to a new meme here at The Little Pink Book Boutique. I went to college for fine arts, and consider art one of my passions in life. I decided to create a meme where I can mix my love of books with my love of art; and decided to focus on cover art. These books are ones that I have not read (Unless I say that I did…) and I am just discussing their cover art, not any of the content within the book.

THIS WEEKS THEME: Mermaid themed book covers!

FORGIVE MY FINS (Fins #1) by Tera Lynn Childs
One thing that is going to be standard on all Mermaid/Sea Creature covers, is blue and green coloring. Almost every cover I see has those two colors in some form or context. This one seems to have added a filter that gives the model a bluish-green tint, and then her eye shadow and lipstick tie in these hues as well. I think the font used for the title is great, and lends a girlishness to it, as well as keeping with the flowy, watery theme just like the white-dot waves that surround the title and authors name. I always like when the title is bold and really stands out, and giving the author’s name a standard, simple font allows that to happen.

The title is placed well, in contrast with the model’s face which dominates the upper cover. I’m curious about the blue “breath” it looks like the model is either inhaling or exhaling… I do own this book, but haven’t read it yet. Now I’m getting curious! It also makes me want to try out a “mermaid-y” makeup look… hmmm, future post, maybe? FINAL SCORE: 3.50/5.00

TEMPEST RISING (Tempest #1) by Tracy Deebs
Another one that I own but haven’t read, I must say part of the appeal of this one, is that gorgeous cover! Plus, Tera Lynn Childs does say that it’s “Dark, magical, and achingly beautiful.” How can you ignore that?! 

What I really love on this cover is the contrast between the dark watery background and the model’s pale skin and wavy blond hair. The shimmery iridescence of her tail scales and that awesome purple back tattoo really draw me in. It’s also pleasing to the eye because the background has some purplish-blues in it, so to me it really ties the two elements of the cover together.

This one also appears to be well balanced, with the flowy title font, author’s name in a more simple font, and then the recommendation at the bottom work well opposite the model. It lets the boldness of the tattoo and tail really stand out and come at the reader, while remaining more demurely on the side. FINAL SCORE: 4.50/5.00

RIPPLE by Mandy Hubbard
This one I have read, and while it was a good story, it wasn’t the best mermaid book that I’ve read. I like the cover on this one for the fact that it’s different than most. Instead of blatantly showing you that there is a mermaid involved (which I didn’t know until I read the jacket) they decided to incorporate a few of the themes from the book to give you the mermaid-y impression.

First, the water. I love the water! So shimmery, and blue and green and the light from the moon reflecting off of it! And the way the tree splits the cover in half without really drawing from its appeal gives the sky it’s place on the cover as well. Having the female model in a flowy green dress that almost matches the water color gives the illusion that there’s some type of relationship between them. And then the swirly tattoo crawling up her calf also gives us an idea that she’s not just a boring old human!

I like that they did the placement of the author’s name and title and then a little blurb at the bottom the way that they did. This layout really works, especially with the title going vertically. Because there is so much going on nearly the entire length of the cover, placing the title horizontally, in my opinion, really would’ve drawn away from the attractiveness of it. The simple font works well on this cover too, as anything more scroll-y or fancy wouldn’t have worked. FINAL SCORE: 3.50/5.00

SIREN (Siren #1) by Tricia Rayburn
OH! Did I love, love, love this book! I definitely buy books for their pretty covers, and this one was no exception!

I love when a book that is a little darker, or not as light and airy convey that on the covers. With this one having a dark almost sepia tone to it, it’s clear that it won’t be a fun, fanciful tale. I love how the water is rough and wavy, these dark rocks are just jutting up from the surface with three figures standing on them. It’s so mysterious! It immediately makes you want to read it to find out why there are there – and what they are doing! 

I like the 3D-ness of the title, created by using shading and highlighting. It makes it pop from the clouds, and doesn’t look static as to distinguish it from the rest of the cover. The author’s name in white also give it a pop of color and looks better than I think it would had they used black. It would’ve drawn from the title as well. FINAL SCORE: 4.50/5.00

Have a suggestion for a cover theme? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Reading!

I Love Your Cover {1}

Hey Bookworms, and welcome to a new meme here at The Little Pink Book Boutique. I went to college for fine arts, and consider art one of my passions in life. I decided to create a meme where I can mix my love of books with my love of art; and decided to focus on cover art. These books are ones that I have not read (Unless I say that I did…) and I am just discussing their cover art, not any of the content within the book.
THIS WEEK’S THEME: Vampire-themed book covers
I know that a lot of people are sooo over the vampire genre, but you know what? Vampires are what got me to start reading YA, and yes, I will go ahead and just admit to everyone that these vampires I speak of are the Cullens and their enemies are this coven called the Volturi. You may or may not have heard of them… *shakes head at bad joke*. Anyway, so I’ve always had a special place in my heart for our sharp-fanged, blood-guzzling friends. Therefore, let’s go ahead and check out the covers of some of the vampire-themed books on the scene.
Revelations (Bloodlines #3) by Lindsay Anne Kendal
Meh. (That is my sound of, it don’t impress me much!) I like the font, a lot. I like the mix of red-orange and gold, that looks really cool, but I don’t think the colors mesh well with the other colors on the cover. I also don’t care for the red eyes. I think they look too fake. If they were edited just a bit, so they looked more natural and maybe pulled in some of the colors of the font, it would’ve looked a lot better. I think the dark hair and pale skin works fine.
The hilt of the sword is kind of cool. I think swords are awesome though, and this one is pretty sweet. Again, I think there are too many colors that are not of the same undertones that it isn’t completely appealing to my eye. Because the font color is so bold, I’m immediately drawn to the bottom portion of the cover, without really taking time to really look at the rest of it. It’s too much of a mix of unlike warm and cool colors that I just don’t love this one. 
The rings on the model’s fingers are mysterious, and I am curious to know if there is meaning behind them. Overall, it’s just not wooing me. Final Score: 2.00/5.00.
Dead Ever After (Sookie Stackhouse #13) by Charlaine Harris
I have read most of the books in this series, I think I left off somewhere around book ten, where it just kind of lost its appeal for me. I always enjoyed the covers for the books in the series though, and most do have something to do with what occurs in the book. They are always very colorful, and have what I’d say is a whimsical-ness to them. I like that there are characters on the cover, that you wouldn’t catch unless you’ve read the books (see the dog, wolf, cat tail, etc.). They are very beautiful, and I enjoy the art aspect of it in that they didn’t use real models for the covers (Except the TV-tie-in editions). I think this book is foretelling a lot that will go down in this final-installment to the series.
What I don’t like, is the advertisement for the TV show on the cover, which I think is extremely distracting from the beauty of the rest of the cover. I do think that the simple font for the title, author name, and series at the bottom works well. Anything too fancy, in my opinion, would be very distracting too. The placement of the title is great, visually pleasing and balances out the generous size of the author’s name font, to the smaller font across the bottom for the series.  Final Score: 4.50/5.00

A Shade of Vampire (A Shade of Vampire #1) by Bella Forrest
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I LOVE this cover. Like, Love Love it! It’s so beautiful and mysterious! I want to know why this pretty girl is standing out by what I’m guessing is a lake with some distant mountains, in a long white dress, with a full moon, cloudy sky, and birds! Lots of birds! Did you get all of that? Go ahead, study it and drool like I did, I’ll wait!
I love the filigree around the placard that has the title on it. And that they used white and black with a dark black border creates a really cool effect. The blurred red around it ties in the author’s name really well too.
What I like, is that even though the title and author’s name are at the bottom, there is a lot going on at the top of the cover that it manages to balance it out pretty well. The model also keeps it very centered by drawing our eye to the middle of the book. All of the colors having a gray undertone to them really brings the whole cover together. I truly adore it, and I would purchase this book just for it’s cover. It would look so beautiful up on my shelf! Final Score: 5.00/5.00
What are your thoughts on the covers?
Happy Reading!