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What’s Trending Now {1}

Hi everyone! What’s Trending Now is a weekly post focusing on trending topics in the book world.
¬†Today’s post is going to focus on an amazing website AND iPhone or Android App. The versatility of this site gives you access to all of the blogs you follow at your fingertips and on the go. I’ll admit, I use it 99% of the time on my cell phone and not on my actual computer.
So where can you download Feedly? Try this link on your PC or on your iPhone go to the App Store, or the Google Play Store on your Android phone.
So why is Feedly so amazing? First off, Google Reader is going Buh-Bye. I don’t know the details on why or when (sorry!) but I’m okay with that after using Feedly for the past week.
Why do I love Feedly?
You have complete control over the layout of your Feedly “Homepage” and get to choose what you see. Top and center you get your Featured Stories. On the right hand side is “In My Feedly” which lists all of the blogs you’re currently following so you can easily choose one specifically, or scroll down a bit to read all the newest posts from the blogs you’re following. You can also mark each article/post as “Read” so that you aren’t sorting through read and unread posts.
The left hand side is your “toolbar”. Here you can reorganize everything – like sorting alphabetically, view ALL blogs, read just what was published today, or even mark items to read later.¬†
I already love Feedly more than I ever liked Google Reader, so I’m happy with the switch. Have you switched over to Feedly yet, or planning to? Let me know in the comments below!
Happy Reading!