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CONFESH SESH {1} Finding Blogging Balance + BookTube

Hey Bookworms!
I’ve been rebranding my blog and social media, if you haven’t noticed. This all comes on the heels of my newly created BookTube channel, which I wanted to have everything branded the same; and I felt that with all of the changes that I was making that it was time to rebrand. So long The Little Pink Book Boutique – and hello LauraZReads. Sure, it’s not catchy, maybe a little cliche, but it works and it fits and so that is what it is!
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So I have set up a schedule for myself that I think is going to be agreeable to my new lifestyle as a mommy and still be able to blog, read, etc. Here is that schedule:
MONDAY: Original Blog Post
FRIDAY: Original BookTube Video/Vlog
That’s it! Well, okay, maybe not completely it. The rest of the week is open for me to work on creating worthwhile content, as well as participating in any Tags or Book Tours/Release Day Launches/Book Blitzes etc. Reviews will be published as I finish books and post them. I cannot guarantee any number or reviews to be up per month right now, but will try my hardest to do as many as possible.
Which brings me to my next topic. Review Overhaul! I’m changing my review format. How? I’m not entirely sure yet, but they will be more summarized than a full, drawn out book report. For now, anyway – and for books that it works with. There will still be books that will get a full review, but this summarized version will leave me more time to read and get more up here for you. [Feel free to comment below with any suggestions you may have for my new review format. Something you love reading or maybe that you utilize on your blog.]
 I know that I’ve been pretty wishy-washy and back and forth with blogging/not blogging but it’s honestly been such a tough decision for me because I LOVE to blog and read, but haven’t found the right way to balance it with my new life, as I stated above. My life has been hijacked by a 7 month old, dirty diapers, breastfeeding sessions, little to no sleep, and I worry it might be harder for younger readers of my blog to understand or care because they are high school or college students and most likely not dealing with an infant. But then i remember that half of the bloggers out there are mommies and I need to be easier on myself! And so, that is why I’m doing this schedule, and once I can do more, I will. If that doesn’t happen for a year or so, that’s okay too. Because I’m okay with it.
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