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I Love Your Cover {1}

Hey Bookworms, and welcome to a new meme here at The Little Pink Book Boutique. I went to college for fine arts, and consider art one of my passions in life. I decided to create a meme where I can mix my love of books with my love of art; and decided to focus on cover art. These books are ones that I have not read (Unless I say that I did…) and I am just discussing their cover art, not any of the content within the book.
THIS WEEK’S THEME: Vampire-themed book covers
I know that a lot of people are sooo over the vampire genre, but you know what? Vampires are what got me to start reading YA, and yes, I will go ahead and just admit to everyone that these vampires I speak of are the Cullens and their enemies are this coven called the Volturi. You may or may not have heard of them… *shakes head at bad joke*. Anyway, so I’ve always had a special place in my heart for our sharp-fanged, blood-guzzling friends. Therefore, let’s go ahead and check out the covers of some of the vampire-themed books on the scene.
Revelations (Bloodlines #3) by Lindsay Anne Kendal
Meh. (That is my sound of, it don’t impress me much!) I like the font, a lot. I like the mix of red-orange and gold, that looks really cool, but I don’t think the colors mesh well with the other colors on the cover. I also don’t care for the red eyes. I think they look too fake. If they were edited just a bit, so they looked more natural and maybe pulled in some of the colors of the font, it would’ve looked a lot better. I think the dark hair and pale skin works fine.
The hilt of the sword is kind of cool. I think swords are awesome though, and this one is pretty sweet. Again, I think there are too many colors that are not of the same undertones that it isn’t completely appealing to my eye. Because the font color is so bold, I’m immediately drawn to the bottom portion of the cover, without really taking time to really look at the rest of it. It’s too much of a mix of unlike warm and cool colors that I just don’t love this one. 
The rings on the model’s fingers are mysterious, and I am curious to know if there is meaning behind them. Overall, it’s just not wooing me. Final Score: 2.00/5.00.
Dead Ever After (Sookie Stackhouse #13) by Charlaine Harris
I have read most of the books in this series, I think I left off somewhere around book ten, where it just kind of lost its appeal for me. I always enjoyed the covers for the books in the series though, and most do have something to do with what occurs in the book. They are always very colorful, and have what I’d say is a whimsical-ness to them. I like that there are characters on the cover, that you wouldn’t catch unless you’ve read the books (see the dog, wolf, cat tail, etc.). They are very beautiful, and I enjoy the art aspect of it in that they didn’t use real models for the covers (Except the TV-tie-in editions). I think this book is foretelling a lot that will go down in this final-installment to the series.
What I don’t like, is the advertisement for the TV show on the cover, which I think is extremely distracting from the beauty of the rest of the cover. I do think that the simple font for the title, author name, and series at the bottom works well. Anything too fancy, in my opinion, would be very distracting too. The placement of the title is great, visually pleasing and balances out the generous size of the author’s name font, to the smaller font across the bottom for the series.  Final Score: 4.50/5.00

A Shade of Vampire (A Shade of Vampire #1) by Bella Forrest
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I LOVE this cover. Like, Love Love it! It’s so beautiful and mysterious! I want to know why this pretty girl is standing out by what I’m guessing is a lake with some distant mountains, in a long white dress, with a full moon, cloudy sky, and birds! Lots of birds! Did you get all of that? Go ahead, study it and drool like I did, I’ll wait!
I love the filigree around the placard that has the title on it. And that they used white and black with a dark black border creates a really cool effect. The blurred red around it ties in the author’s name really well too.
What I like, is that even though the title and author’s name are at the bottom, there is a lot going on at the top of the cover that it manages to balance it out pretty well. The model also keeps it very centered by drawing our eye to the middle of the book. All of the colors having a gray undertone to them really brings the whole cover together. I truly adore it, and I would purchase this book just for it’s cover. It would look so beautiful up on my shelf! Final Score: 5.00/5.00
What are your thoughts on the covers?
Happy Reading!