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My Favorite Bookish Apps for Android

My cell phone is one of the things that is ALWAYS with me. When I’m on-the-go, I always have to have some connection to my book addiction and so I keep my phone stocked with apps to keep me in touch with the book world!

Here are a few of the apps I keep on my phone, and use the most often:


I use this app probably on a daily basis! It is the most helpful when I’m at the bookstore, since you can use the Barcode Scan feature and easily scan the back of the book and find reviews and ratings, and add book to your shelves. The app has all of the same options as the website app, except the giveaways and and listopia options – and what I assume is any of the “Extras” that you can access on the full site. I also do not know how much editing you can do as far as your profile, but you have full access to your bookshelves, writing reviews, rating books, etc. Overall, the app gets a 5 out of 5 from me!


To keep up-to-date with my favorite blogs, I use these apps and I love it! It’s easy to organize your blogs however you prefer; mark them as read or unread or even save for later. Feedly lets you discover new blogs based on your likes, and is similar to Bloglovin, which I use just as much as Feedly.


To keep tabs on my blog while I’m away from my computer, I use the Blogger app. Honestly, it’s not the greatest by any stretch of the imagination, and I do find myself using my phone’s browser to go to the full Blogger site, it is handy for quick views and posts. 

This is the best app ever! Offered through your local library (Check with your local branch to see if they participate.) Overdrive gives you access to your library’s selection of ebooks and audiobooks for free! They give you 7- or 14-day borrow periods, and you cannot accrue late fees (Though you can be denied access if you owe money on your library card). It’s an awesome app and website, and I definitely recommend it!
The maker of my eReader offers a decent app to access all of the ebooks linked to my account and gives the ability to read and buy new ebooks as well. I do have Kindle downloaded too, but I don’t use it often.
These three social media apps are just a given for keeping in touch. They are easy and user-friendly, and make connecting with my readers and blogger friends at the tips of my fingers. 
What apps can you not live without when it comes to books? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Reading!