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Say Anything {10} Goals for 2013

I try to set goals every year for reading. How many books, what kinds, what I hope to accomplish book/blog wise, etc.
This year, I set a goal to read 100 books. As I started falling behind, I reexamined my goal and set it to 65. This is a better number for me to achieve, and I should be able to accomplish it with no problem. That being said, like anyone else who loves reading, I want to read more than that next year! So as of right now, I am going to set my 2013 Read Books goal at 75. 
Last year I said I wanted to break into more genres that I typically do not read. I was successful in getting myself more acclimated with the fantasy/high fantasy genre, but I didn’t get into the steampunk genre like I wanted to. So for 2013, I again will attempt to tackle steampunk!
I am going to participate in the Debut Author Challenge again this year. I started the challenge over at my old blog, but when I started The Little Pink Book Boutique I lost my steam on that challenge. So this new year I will participate again and complete it. My goal is 20 books. My list and more info on the challenge can be found here.
So far these are the goals I have set. I’ll post more as this year comes to a close, but this is what I have at this point. 
What are your goals for 2013?
Happy Reading!