HOW TO | Read Several Books at Once

Hey Bookworms!
Today I wanted to share with you my tips and tricks for reading multiple books at once.
Now, this isn’t for everyone. Some people can only handle one book at a time, and that’s just fine! Sometimes that is all that I can do. But on average I tend to read at least two books at the same time, however; I have been known to read three or four. So here are some tips to help ease into multiple book reading – if you choose to do so.
I do not recommend reading similar themed books if you are going to read more than one book at a time. A typical choice of multiple books for me would be 1 adult novel and 1 young adult novel. Most of the adult fiction that I read is historical fiction/contemporary/romance or paranormal/sci-fi/fantasy so for the most part it doesn’t really impact my young adult choice. If I choose to read a contemporary adult fiction though, I will skip over a contemporary or romance in young adult. You don’t want to burn yourself out or get confused on what is happening between the stories.
I have an easier time dividing my time between books when one is a physical copy and one is on my iPad. I will devote daytime to the physical copy, and then at night I will devote that time to what is on my iPad. This way I don’t get sucked into one book more than the other.
One way to help keep story lines straight is to take notes. I keep a notebook with my physical book, and jot down what happens every few chapters, or if there is something that I think was important. I don’t always remember to take notes so I will at least try to at the end of the book, gather my notes and thoughts before I write my review. On an ereader it is easier to make notations right in the text and go over what you’ve highlighted at the end. This way you can always refresh yourself if need be  – plus it’s a great way to remember what happened once you get further in a series.
If you end up not being able to read two books at the same time, it’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up if it’s just too much. Choose the one that you are most connected to, and finish it up. If you still feel like you want to finish up the other book once you’re done – go for it! But don’t stress if you have completely disconnected from the 2nd book. I’ve found that if I set a book down and don’t end up reading it again right away, I will try again a few months later and will have a better chance at finishing it. Not all books appeal to us at the time that we tell ourselves to read it. Sometimes we have to wait until we have clearer minds or are really in the mood for that genre of book. I will go through phases where I can’t get enough contemporary/romance, and then there will be times were I’ll go months without reading one. It all depends on your mood and mindset.I hope this had some tips to help you out, if you’ve decided to try reading more than one book at once. Again – it isn’t for everyone, or sometimes it isn’t the right time for more than one. And don’t confuse a looming reading slump with your desire to read several books. Good luck!

Happy Reading!



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