Hey Bookworms! The Sunday Journal is both a book- and non-bookish related post, highlighting my JUST FINISHED, CURRENTLY READING, and UP NEXT books; plus any new books ON MY BOOKSHELF, and a summed up list of posts that went up on the blog during the week. I also include a little weekly wrap-up on anything fun and exciting that happened during the week.










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Wow, I can’t believe it’s already AUGUST! How quickly this summer is flying by! And with it, valuable reading time in the sun. Unfortunately for me, this summer has been busy and I have another few busy weeks ahead – which is really cramping my reading style! Where I typically read a book in just a few days, it’s taking me up to or more than a week! So I apologize if posts and reviews aren’t as often or up-to-date. It is summer after all, so we should all be outside enjoying it before the snow starts falling, right?
This has been a crazy week for me, and where I am usually guaranteed at least two evenings of reading time since my boyfriend is a musician and practices with his band twice a week, those days didn’t happen this week so there went my reading time! But I squeeze time in to read wherever I can – while cooking dinner, on breaks and lunch at work, etc. So I make do! But once the weather starts getting colder and we aren’t out hiking, having bonfires, playing mini golf, and spending time outdoors as much, I’ll get back on my regular reading schedule.
I was owed books by my boyfriend (sometimes he bribes me with books, I can’t say I’m necessarily proud of accepting books as bribes, but hey, books. Right? lol) so we headed to Barnes & Noble this weekend where I picked up Will Grayson, Will Grayson – even though I had JUST gotten it from the library, I decided I needed to own my own copy since it’s the Book-of-the-Month for my book club. I also grabbed Ink by Amanda Sun. And then yesterday when I was at Wegmans, I grabbed This Lullaby, because I adore Sarah Dessen and the cover just screamed, “BUY ME!” It did, I swear! I didn’t answer it back though, that might have been awkward… hee hee…
I also finally purchased the Naked 2 eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay. I have an obsession with makeup, and I’ve been wanting this palette for awhile, but the price tag was pretty steep. Luckily I had a 20% off coupon though, and I’m excited to play around with it! I swatched both Naked 1 and Naked 2 palettes all up my arm on Friday night when I was in the store – and then on Saturday I made my boyfriend take me back to buy it. As I opened the package, I explained that it was like getting a copy of the newest Halo game for Xbox. He understood the importance then, lol 
In bloggish news, I am going to be adding a linky and advanced list of topics for my weekly I LOVE YOUR COVER post, since I see people interested in participating. There will be more info in the post this week, but I just wanted to mention here, in case you are interested in participating.
I’m also considering doing giveaways on my Instagram account, so if you aren’t following me yet, please do so! My Instagram name is: Thelittlepinkbookboutique. I’m also participating in The Book Soulmates Photo-a-day Challenge for August, so definitely follow me to check that out and participate too, it’s not too late!
I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend, and let’s have a great reading week coming up!
Keep Calm & Read On,

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