Hey Bookworms, and welcome to another edition of, Book Blogger Confessions! This meme is hosted by For What It’s Worth & Midnyte Reader.

QUESTION: Vlogging. Have you ever vlogged (video blogging)? Why or why not? What do you think makes for an interesting vlog? How does a book review vlog compare to a written review in your opinion? What are a few of your favorite book review/author vlogs?
ANSWER: Vlogging is a topic that has been occupying my mind a lot lately. I really want to vlog, but I feel SO awkward when I watch back the videos! Maybe I’m just being too overly-critical, and everyone who watches it would think I did a fine job, but I don’t know… the other thing holding me back, is that the only camera I can use to record is on my smart phone. Which isn’t too big of a deal, since my phone takes better photos/videos than my actual camera. I also only have the Windows Movie Maker on my computer for editing, and I find it tedious. 
For an interesting vlog, you have to make yourself interesting. No monotone voices, no appearing bored or like you aren’t having fun filming. You have to pick interesting topics/memes (which there are tons of that BookTubers participate in). The only difference I can come up with for a vlogged book review over a written one, is you can get more in depth and have a longer written review than one you vlog. I would think of a vlogged book review as a condensed version of a written one.
I have a few BookTubers on that I follow on YouTube, but I really don’t have any favorites or ones that I watch regularly. I tend to be a fair-weather viewer, unfortunately. But I’ve been meaning to find the ones I really enjoy to get tips from for when I really do break into the BookTube/vlogging world!
Happy Reading!


  1. I am far too shy to ever vlog. lol It would be a disaster. You should give it a shot!


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