Hey Bookworms! The Sunday Journal is both a book- and non-bookish related post, highlighting my JUST FINISHED, CURRENTLY READING, and UP NEXT books, plus any new books ON MY BOOKSHELF, and a summed up list of posts that went up on the blog during the week, plus anything fun that has gone on in my usually uneventful life!





My books from BEA finally got here! Since I took a train there and back, I wasn’t able to bring all of my books home. My BFF, who went with me and lives on Long Island, was kind enough to give my books a happy home until she came back to Buffalo for the 4th of July. Now they are back with me and safe & sound. I’ll be compiling a post just for those books shortly. Expect Giveaways too.



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WEEKLY WRAP-UP: First off, I must congratulate JILL who won the Freedom to Read Giveaway from last week! Congrats to Jill, and I hope you love your new book!
It was a good reading week for me. On Wednesday July 17th the book club that Sara from Forever17 Books started up is meeting, and our first book that we will discuss is Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes. I power read that book this week! I will posting a review up after the book club meeting. If you’ve read it, leave me comments to let me know if you liked it or not, and any of your favorite scenes and characters. 
The family that we had in from out of town that I mentioned in last week’s Sunday Journal left on Thursday, which is always sad since it was my best friend/future-sis-in-law, future-bro-in-law, and my adorably funny one-year-old niece/Goddaughter. But now I have time to read again, and I’m hoping to finally finish Icons by Margaret Stohl. I’m shocked it’s taken me this long to read it, especially since it isn’t a huge book by any means!
I’ve also been doing more thinking about starting a vlog series on my YouTube channel. I’ve come up with a sassy name, well I think it’s sassy anyway! And I’m hoping to start filming my first episode soon, to see if I think it’s going to work. I will need help from you guys though! If you have any questions for me, either as a blogger or just in general, or any type of bookish ideas for vlogs please let me know either comment below, tweet me @lalalaura725 with #vlogQs, email me, or hit me up on Facebook or Formspring and ask me anything. I have a few ideas but will need more, and would love for it to be interactive.
Other than that, we have a really hot week ahead of us here in my little corner of Western NY. I’ll be glad to spend that time reading and keeping cool! Hope everyone enjoys their week!
Happy Reading,

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