Sunday Journal {3}

Hey Bookworms! The Sunday Journal is a book and non-book related post, highlighting my Just Finished, Currently Reading, and Up Next books, as well as posts that went up during the week, and any interesting fun facts that happened during the week.

This is kind of a boring edition of Sunday Journal this week. Because of the holiday on Thursday, and family being in from out of town, I am still reading the same CURRENTLY READING books from last week. I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July, and next week I’ll definitely have new books up for this part of the post!





Happy 4th of July! Took the day off from posting!


No posts

It was a hectic, busy week for me, and this upcoming week will be as well. We have plans most of the week with out-of-town family, so it’s going to be a little sparse on postings this week. But next week! Next week I will be back to regular postings, and my reading schedule will be back on track. 

I also wanted to say hello to all of my new followers from entering the Freedom to Read Giveaway. I’m so happy you’re here and hope you enjoy the blog and feel free to comment below with links to your blog/social media so I can follow you back, or just introduce yourself and say hi :))

Hope everyone has a great week!

Happy Reading!


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