I Love Your Cover {3} Books That Glow!

Hey Bookworms, and welcome to a new meme here at The Little Pink Book Boutique. I went to college for fine arts, and consider art one of my passions in life. I decided to create a meme where I can mix my love of books with my love of art; and decided to focus on cover art. These books are ones that I have not read (Unless I say that I did…) and I am just discussing their cover art, not any of the content within the book.

THIS WEEKS THEME: Books that Glow

INCARNATE [Newsoul #1] by Jodi Meadows
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I bought this book just for the cover. Okay, no I didn’t. I bought it because the cover is amazingly gorgeous AND the blurb sounded super awesome! I did read this one, but the cover is more symbolic than really giving away what the book is about. 

I love the butterfly wings. They really stand out, and the way they seem to be a part of the models face is really cool! The model has a very innocent look to her, which works perfectly as that is how Ana is in the novel. 

The placement of the title and author’s name works well to balance out the cover; and I really like the font used for the title and the barely noticeable scroll work behind it. The simple font for the author’s name works great as well.

FINAL SCORE: 3.50/5.00

ACROSS the UNIVERSE [Across the Universe #1] by Beth Revis
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I love this version of the cover, before they redid them all. Funny thing is, it took me so long to realize that there were two faces on the cover! I just really liked the colors and the “Glow”.

I haven’t read this one yet, but I do own it. I really love the fact that the faces are just silhouettes, and then we have this gorgeous burst of stars behind them in all shades of pink and purple, red and orange, blue and yellow. So pretty! There are even a few planets you can just make out. And to have that bright yellow glow by their lips?! Ah! Love it! 

Everything about this cover is just perfect! There might be a little too much clutter at the bottom, though. Not only is there a small blurb about the book, and then title and author, but then a blurb at the bottom too. It’s a bit much, but not too distracting. The simplicity of the fonts definitely helps that. 

FINAL SCORE: 4.50/5.00

HALF-BLOOD [Covenant #1] by Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Yet another that I own but haven’t yet read… I’m automatically going to love this one because it’s purple, one of my favorite colors! I’m truly curious to see how this cover ties into the plot of the book, because after reading the back cover, I’m not completely sure!

I adore the flower and the glowy effect on it! It’s just so pretty! It works great how it just seems to “Smoke” out into the black background too. I like that a simple but flowy font was used, and the blurb from Leigh Fallon is placed well too. I really like that the flower is front and center and nothing really detracts from it. The font really works because I feel like it follows the curves of the flower petals.

FINAL SCORE: 4.00/5.00

HALO [Halo #1] by Alexandra Adornetto
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I loved the cover on this one the first time I found it on Goodreads. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s as beautiful in real life. BUT it’s still pretty cool. Again, I love that the “glow” is right between the silhouetted models as they, I assume, are going to kiss. The yellow background works great for the ‘angel’ theme, and I really like the decoration around the title, and how both the title and author name are inside of it.
I think it’s interesting that the author’s name gets the fancier font here, when we’ve been seeing the title have the bolder font. I think it works though.
One thing I don’t care for, is how the female model’s hair covers part of the wings. I wonder if it was placement to cover the wings attaching to her back, but it makes it disjointed to me. The wings aren’t very organic either, and appear very CGI.
Final Score: 3.00/5.00

CITY OF BONES [The Mortal Instruments #1] by Cassandra Clare
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This cover is very intriguing to me. It really makes me want to read it, because it really doesn’t tell you much about what it’s about but makes you want to know! Plus it has a pretty nice chest on the cover, with an author blurb smack in the middle! Since the model has a ‘glow’ coming from him with all types of symbols on his skin, it instills a need within me to find out why. I love the skyline of the city below and how it is dark in contrast to the bright top, and I like how all the placement of the title, author name, and series is with ‘book one’ in the red circle. I love this cover!
Final Score: 4.50/5.00

Happy Reading!

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