Book Blogger Confessions {4}

Hey Bookworms, and welcome to another edition of, Book Blogger Confessions! This meme is hosted by For What It’s Worth & Midnyte Reader.
QUESTION: Author interactions. Have you ever emailed an author to tell them you loved/disliked their book? As a book reviewer, do you think we should cross that line? Do you mind when authors re-tweet or comment on reviews? Does that intimidate you in any way in regards to review writing, knowing that they may be reading it? Do author interactions – both pro or con – change how you view their work?
MY ANSWER: I have not emailed an author before; though I have most definitely told them in person at BEA and at the RTBF. I have commented on an author’s blog before, to show my love, but I try not to get all fangirl on them! I casually mentioned to Gennifer Albin at RTBF that I loved her lipstick. It was like, internally I was all, ‘OMG’ but really, as amazing as authors are… they are just down to earth normal peeps (usually… lol) like you and me! I don’t think that there is anything wrong with emailing an author to show your appreciation for their work, and if you are using an email address from their blog, etc then they probably expect it/would like to see it. 
I personally, again, go all fan girl when an author re-tweets or comments on my reviews! It is awesome that they take the time to comment and to me it’s their way of saying “Thanks!” or “Much appreciated!” It’s really beneficial to them because then you are probably more apt to read more of their books and review them when you know they take time to check out your blog or tweets. I’ve picked up books to read that normally I never would have, just because the author was so awesome when I met them in person. I never feel intimidated knowing an author may read my review, because I try to keep my reviews as respectful as possible, even if the book wasn’t my cup of tea. If I don’t think I can find anything positive to say about a book… I will not review it. 
I think it’s cool when authors take the time to talk to us, and interact with us. It reminds us that they are still regular people, and that they do appreciate bloggers and readers taking the time to read and review their work. I think it’s a very symbiotic relationship that works both ways.
Happy Reading!

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