On My Bookshelf {11}

Hey Bookworms!

I am probably going to switch this to a monthly feature instead of weekly, because I really do not buy (or receive) enough books to bother with posting weekly. I do go to the library pretty much weekly though, so I  do “Library Insta-Hauls” on my Facebook (Which you can follow HERE) so if you aren’t friends with me on Facebook, go ahead and click the link above to LIKE The Little Pink Book Boutique’s page.
And now, for the new books on my bookshelf this week… (click the book titles to visit the Goodreads page.)

Onyx -The Lux Series #2 – Jennifer Armentrout
Dreamless – Starcrossed #2 – Josephine Angelini
Winter Queen – Fairy Queens #1 – Amber Argyle

Five Summers – Una LaMarche
Daughter of Smoke and Bone – Daughter of Smoke and Bone #1 – Laini Taylor
Revel – Maurissa Guibord
Towering – Alex Flinn
Icons – Icons #1 – Margaret Stohl
Imposter – Variants #1 – Susanne Winnacker
(A great, big, huge THANK YOU to Jessica at Jessabella Reads for lending me her copies of Icons & Imposter)

The Loop – Shandy Lawson – Thanks to Katie @ Blook Girl 
Crown of Midnight – Throne of Glass #2 – Sarah J. Maas (Jessica from Jessabella Reads actually grabbed me an ARC of this one at BEA because I desperately needed it. My life, literally depended on it.)
That’s it for me this week. What did you guys get? Leave me comments & links below 🙂
Happy Reading!

One thought on “On My Bookshelf {11}

  1. Well, I'm totes glad I saved your life girl!!! LOL
    Also, super excited about the book club, I think it will be tons of fun! I hope your cool with Falling Kingdoms, I kind-of-sort-of pushed for it, as it seemed the best choice out of the ones we all hadn't read. : ) I know, I am up super late…just finished The Coldest Girl in Coldtown(it was a stay up all night to finish kind of book). So, now I will be going to beddy bye. Muahhhzz!


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