Book Blogger Confessions {3}

QUESTION: BEA, ALA. Have you ever been before? If you’ve been before, share your experiences; both pro & con. If you haven’t gone before, do you participate in online events like Armchair BEA? Do you hope to go one day? Do you feel too intimidated to go? Are you jealous of the big book hauls and tweet during the events?
MY ANSWER:  I did attend BEA for the first time this year; and while I am

planning on writing up an entirely separate post on my experiences, I will do just a brief overview here.

As I said, this was my first time attending, and I don’t think I can really give a fair set of pros & cons for several reasons: 1. I was so overwhelmed by the size and amount of people and stuff to do, that I ruined it for myself – rather, I allowed my anxiety to ruin it for me. I can’t lie, I could feel a panic attack brewing deep within me… and I went on Saturday, which I think was the lighter attendance day of all the days. 2. I didn’t plan well. AT ALL. I didn’t set up an agenda for myself, I didn’t plan who I wanted to see, or make myself a list to follow so that I didn’t get overwhelmed. 3. I went with my best friend, who is a book lover, but is not a blogger, and does not have the knowledge of up-coming releases and authors like I do. Basically if she is a level 1 book geek, then I’m like level 246 (Like my completely random #? lol) She really was only interested in finding books for her daughter (my adorable god-daughter – did I mention my bff is my boyfriend’s sister? Well she is, and no we weren’t friends first. We became friends after boyfriend and I started dating!) and attending the Author Breakfast that included Diana Gabaldon (If you haven’t read her Outlander series and you love historical fiction… get on that!) So anything after the breakfast was all mine for the taking! I will expand more in my separate BEA post)
Do I participate in online events like Armchair BEA? No, but I will in the future. I think it is an awesome way to participate without attending.
Do I hope to go one day? I want to go again; especially now that I know what to expect. But I want to go on the day when all the bloggers go and do meet ups, etc.
Do I feel intimidated to go? Hell yes – even though I’ve already gone! When I say this place is gigantic, that’s even a bit of an understatement. It’s so freaking big that I was swallowed up and exhaustedly spit out at the end!
Are you jealous of the book hauls and tweets? Uh huh! Absolutely! I left with just a few ARCs, most not even ones I really wanted/planned to get. Not that I’m saying that in a spoiled brat, Violet from Willy Wonka sort of way either. But what I got compared to some other bloggers is piddly.
Thanks for reading about my adventures in blogging 🙂
Happy Reading!

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