Update + Blog News

Hey everyone! I wanted to post a quick update just to let you know what’s going on in my little corner of the book blogging world!

My computer has officially bitten the big one – aka, its kaput, no more, dead as a doornail – you get the drift! Therefore, it is left to my cell phone + the random times that my dear boyfriend has his work laptop home and I can jump on and get some bloggy stuff done! Have no fear, though, my phone works pretty decently for getting posts up, but I cannot do as much editing and formatting of posts, so my posts probably wont be as pretty as usual!

During this time, until we buy a new computer, I will get review posts up and also cover reveals/book blasts/blog tours that I’m participating in will be posted on time. I am going to be revamping some weekly posts and deciding what to keep/get rid of as well during this time. I will also be organizing ‘From My Shelf to Yours’ Giveaways which will be books that are new/used from my shelf that I am looking to find new homes for!

Here’s to hoping we get a new computer ASAP!!!

Happy Reading!

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