(REVAMPED!) Say Anything {12}

Hey everyone! So I’ve been scoping out some other blogs to get ideas on how to fancy up my own little piece of the book blogger world. I’ve always enjoyed my Say Anything post, because it gives me the freedom to kind of do a ‘freestyle’ post where I can talk about anything – book or non-book related! So I’ve decided to mix my own ideas with those of Smash Attack Reads Let’s Talk post, and For What It’s Worth‘s Book Blogger Confessions post. 
Let’s Talk {1} 
Have you ever been inspired to do something creative by reading about it in a book? Examples cooking, baking, trying a new food or drink, making jewelry, designing clothes or shoes and even bookish inspired vacations.

Hmm… thinking… thinking… does wanting to become a kick-ass super heroine that can take on the world and succeed not count? Darn. Okay, let’s see… (wow, this is tough! How can I flip through all of the books I’ve ever read to decide?!) …alright. Let’s go with vacations. Because of Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly and the Revenants Series by Amy Plum, I want to go to Paris, France something fierce! Especially how Donnelly has her main character, Andi, travel through the underground catacombs. How cool is that?! And then I’ll choose Lisa Bergren’s River of Time series and my newfound love for Italy (present day and Medieval) that I now have! 

Book Blogger Confessions {1}
Have you added or considered adding additional reviewers to your blog? Why or why not? If you have, please share how you found the right match when bringing new people to your established blog. Did you encounter any problems? 

Oh yeah, I have definitely considered it. Why? Because being an adult sucks! There are all of these responsibilities like jobs and keeping your house clean and making dinner, and all those boring things that get in the way of blogging whenever I want to. So yes, it has crossed my mind to offer up guest reviewer (or permanent reviewer) spots. I haven’t done it yet though. Why? I don’t know. I think probably because I would be very picky in who I chose, and I might end up driving myself crazy trying to find someone with the exact same vision of my blog as me. We all know that isn’t possible – because everyone is different. I do think about what another reviewer could bring to the blog though; as far as making it the best it could possibly be. But the whole giving up power thing is definitely a toughy. Maybe some day I will take it more seriously, but for right now I enjoy being single on my blog 🙂

Happy Reading!

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