Say Anything {11} What is New Adult?

So I’ve noticed that there seems to be a new genre floating around lately. It isn’t quite Young Adult, and it isn’t quite Adult, so it’s being called New Adult. So what exactly IS New Adult?
Here’s what my sleuthing has turned up…

New Adult is aimed at anyone between the ages of 14 and 35, and tends to deal with themes that are typically too racy for the Y.A. genre, yet still encompasses the familiar tropes and narrative arcs of our beloved Y.A. [Source]. So what book would be an example of ‘New Adult’? Tammara Webber’s Easy seems to fit the bill to a T. With the main character reeling from a recent rape, the subject matter tends to appeal to a more mature young adult audience, which is exactly where the New Adult genre seems to be stepping into play. With it’s ability to handle deeper, and sometimes darker themes, new adult is giving us not-so-much-a-teen-anymore-YA-readers the ability to move seamlessly between genres without losing subjects that as adults we can better handle or dissect and understand.
My thoughts are this; I believe that labeling something New Adult isn’t going to necessarily deter or gain new readers. I think that it opens up some doors that have previously remained shut for Y.A. authors by giving a little bit more room to write more in-depth scenes that may deal with mature language or sexual themes – however, in my opinion I really do not anticipate it being much different than a regular ‘adult’ genre book – other than the main character may be anywhere from a high schooler, to a college student, to someone starting out in the world after high school graduation. I don’t think the new terminology will not have much of an impact on my reading or purchasing style, though, and I do not think I’ll be seeing “New Adult” sections coming to my local bookstore any time soon.
What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear them.
Happy Reading!

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