Non-Bookish Post: I got myself a new journal!

So I know that this isn’t book related news, but I still wanted to share because I have been wanting a new journal for awhile now and finally broke down and got one.
First things first – I am a total notebook addict. I’m not joking, I’ve got plain 1-subject and 3-subject spiral notebooks stashed all over my room, and that’s not counting the cute ones that I stocked up on when Borders closed AND the ones I still get on clearance at Barnes & Noble. Sheesh. So why did I need a new journal???  Okay, maybe it’s just me, but I have to feel connected to the journal in order to really use it, and to do that I always decorate them with stickers, scrapbook paper, etc. Plus, I’ve been seeing tons of mixed media journals and stuff around the web and Pinterest so I kind of wanted a journal with a different vibe. 
My first thoughts were to finally buy a Wreck This Journal. There I was at Target, the red covered one in my hand. It was $12.99 and I was making a beeline for the register, deciding I’d actually put back Taylor Swift’s new CD, Red, I mean my car radio doesn’t even work so where could I even listen to it? So I somehow got sidetracked in the cat aisle, and then I started peeking through the Wreck This Journal in my hand. I still think it’s a kick ass idea, I truly do. But I kept thinking, why am I paying for this when I could really just go buy my own notebook and make up my own tasks to do? For those who don’t know what Wreck This Journal is, it’s basically a book that each page tells you to do something different like fling, spill, or spit your coffee on one page, write backwards on another, collect fruit stickers, anything with the letter W, take it in the shower with you (yep), sleep with it, and so on. 
So anyway, I wandered from the cat stuff to the card aisle and stumbled upon the Smash Books. I remember seeing it at Michaels and really liking the premise, so I decided what the hoodle (I really said that too, standing there in Target with the panda bear hat I also bought in my hand) and paid for the few things I had and then walked two stores over to Michaels and used a 40% off coupon for a pink bound Smash Book. Yay! I also bought a few accessories for it.
So without further ado, here is my new Smash Book…
Adorbs, right?! I had to decorate it, personalize it up because it was way too plain. I started by tracing all of that floral pattern on the brown cardboardish part. It’s like 3d but all one color so I grabbed a pink sharpie and helped it out! Then I stuck on the Kawaii and owl stickers I found at Target for $0.99 each [how funny is the bling bling bowtie wearing banana in the corner? haha] and voila! Fun! I haven’t named her yet though. I have this weird obsession with having to name EVERYTHING. 
I also bought a little stamp for it which is like those old school date stampers that like a librarian would use to check out your books back in the day before we had fancy computers, lol. So you can date anytime you write in it, PLUS it has 10 funny phrases that you can stamp as well: *smashed, STOLEN, Oh, Snap!, I {heart} this, today is, that warrants a fist pump, mad props, a blank square box, happy place, hot mess, and to do. I’ll have fun with this! I also got 4 different pockets that you can glue on a page and store things in it, as well as a few cute envelopes to glue on pages, and some fun sticky notes you can put on things. I’ll put more pics up if anyone is interested, because each page is different. Some are prompts, others are just pretty scrapbookish patterns to do whatever you want on. Either way, I’m going to have TONS of fun with this!!!
Do any of you have journals? If so, do you decorate them like I do and/or name them? 
Happy Reading!

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