Cover Reveal {11}

Transcend Time #3
Michelle Madow
Other Books In The Series: Remembrance, Vengeance
Expected Publication Date: November 20th 2012 by Dreamscape Publishing
What the Back of the Book Says:

To make things right, they must go back to where it all began…
My Thoughts: Well, I unfortunately haven’t been able to read this series that was inspired by the music video for Taylor Swift’s Love Story, but I’ve wanted to ever since I first heard about it. At the time, it was not available for Kobo e-readers, but now it looks like it is! And bonus… it’s only $2.99! Links are provided below.
As far as the cover for this book, I like it, but is it just me or does the strap from the mask make it look like the model has a mustache? That’s right where my eyes are initially drawn. But once I got past that, I really like it. I love the limited pallet of colors and the glow cast off the feathers of the mask and the high, full moon. It really makes me want to read this series even more! I do wish that a more fancy, scroll-y font was used, thought. I feel like it deserves something more than a plain Times New Roman-esque font.
So what do you think?
Buy It Here: Kobo  | Nook  | Kindle
Happy Reading!

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