My Five {6}

Five Reasons Why I Love Paranormal

1. It’s not the everyday norm.
     How awesome is it to leave the everyday hustle-and-bustle and redundancy to a place where things we only wish – or in some cases, are glad they don’t – happen! It’s a nice escape from work, school, and the other day-to-day goings on.

2. Superpowers. Nuff said.
     Seriously, who wouldn’t want superpowers? Whether it’s speed, strength, psychic powers, or teleportation, any character who can do amazing things that we can’t… is cool!

3. Freedom to build the world you want.
     The paranormal genre leaves so much room to create and world-build based on the story you want to tell. From Urban Fantasies set in our current, modern world to Fantasy Paranormal and Dystopian Paranormal, it gives the writer – and the reader – the ability to create what they want!

4. Kick-ass heroines.
     So many stories start out with this plain-Jane girl who learns some secret, whether about her world or her own life, and bam! Everything is thrown for a loop, and then destiny is realized. We get to see our girl grow, and change and become the heroine we want… and need!!

5. Mysterious, secretive, sexy love interests.
     Oh the many ways to fall in love with the guys – vampire, werewolf, etc – that we meet in the pages of paranormal books! It gives us a taste of the guys we don’t meet everyday!

What are the 5 reasons you love your favorite genre?

Happy Reading,

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