Book Stole My Look {3}

Hi! Thanks for checking out Book Stole My Look! If you come across any similar covers, feel free to Email Me. You’ll get the credit in the post as well!

This Weeks Books Are:

The Vespertine (The Vespertine #1) by Saundra Mitchell
Forgiven (Faithful #2) by Janet Fox

It’s easy to pick out the main similarity between the two covers; girls running. The dresses appear to be alike, just different colors. I haven’t read either of these books, even though I own Forgiven (I didn’t know it was book two in a series; it is a companion novel to Faithful) so it’s difficult for me to truly analyze the covers based on more than a visual sense.
The earthy, neutral tones of the cover for The Vespertine lead me to believe that the main character is trying to blend in after having run away; hence the girl running on the cover, looking over her shoulder. Being an historical novel and the fact that the model’s hair is loose and flowing makes me feel that she is unconventional, which makes her run, whether out of fear or in an attempt to escape from her unconventionality.
The bold red of the model’s dress on the Forgiven cover gives a sense of love, loyalty and lust. Again, the model’s loose locks leave the impression that she is not a typical girl living in pre-turn-of-the-century times. Red gives a sense of boldness and strength, and the playful turn of the model’s head while holding up her dress makes it seem as though she’s not running away from something, but maybe running with someone, as if she is never standing still.
Both covers place the title around the middle of the cover; Forgiven’s just a bit offset closer to the bottom. Both give a blurb/review at the bottom of the cover and both use a Caps-lock-On font for the author’s name. Overall, I prefer the cover for Forgiven. I prefer the bold red against the down-toned background to the neutral too-much-brown of The Vespertine.
What do you think?

Happy Reading!

2 thoughts on “Book Stole My Look {3}

  1. ❤ Vivian says:

    [long comment, haha]

    Oh, this is SO cool!!! I might be biased because I cried at the end of The Vespertine (because it was just so darn well-written and beautiful and touching, etc etc.), but I actually like The Vespertine's cover a bit better. Forgiven seems like too normal of a YA cover for me, but TV has a bit of a intriguing and almost stirring feel to it….hard to explain..

    anyway, I never realized how similar these are!!! This is an amazing comparison, and I absolutely agree with your interpretations!! <3

    Have you read Forgiven? ^_^ I've seen it many times, but tbh I'm a tad bit touchy with the SOFT-although-kind Chinese guy (since I'm Chinese…not very appreciative of a described “soft-spoken” guy, especially how Chinese guys are not common in YA….)If you thought it was good, I'll still try to be open-minded and give it a shot <3 (I'm usually not picky like that -ashamed)

    Vivian @ Vivaciously, Vivian


  2. For some reason I like Vespertine a bit more. I haven't read either of these, but the browns and the fact that she's almost blending in appeal to me more than the shocking pink one. The test is similar, but it also draws me to my choice a bit more.
    Good comparison this week!


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