Book Stole My Look {2}

Hi! Thanks for checking out Book Stole My Look! If you come across any similar covers, feel free to Email Me. You’ll get the credit in the post as well!

This Weeks Books Are

The Space Between Trees by Katie Williams
Sweetly (Fairytale Retellings #2) by Jackson Pearce

Purple and black with white titles are the main similarities to these two covers. The way that the title on The Space Between Trees is literally just that – between the cut out branches on the cover is very unique, and it’s a very unique font as well. I like the shade of purple used, and how you can see a silhouette between the branches as well that is just a tiny bit darker than the background. It’s nice how the font used for the author’s name is that same shade; however it causes it to fade into the rest of the photo and doesn’t initially jump out to the viewer.
Sweetly greets us with a bolder purple and the branches form a face over a tiny lit-up house. Another unique font is used for the title here as well, and the author’s name is the same shade of gray found in the graphics making the space between the trees. It’s easier to see the author’s credits on Sweetly than The Space Between Trees. Overall I enjoy both covers, and I know in person that the physical cover for The Space Between Trees is cut out and lays over the title page which is the purple page with the writing on that page not the actual cover, which is really cool! But I think my pick for this round is Sweetly.
What do you think?
Happy Reading!

One thought on “Book Stole My Look {2}

  1. Sweetly definitely is my choice for these. You're right, the authors name just disappears with the first book, I want to be able to see who wrote it. I also like the branch face and the cottage!


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